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Creative Montessori School

Name Creative Montessori School
Phone 1 5788363 - 21
Phone 2 5788022 - 21
Phone 3 5788364 - 21
Section Private Schools
Web Site www.al-ibdaa.com
City Aleppo
Adress The road to Damascus - Junction after Garden City -

 Our children .. Basma present .. and Imad future ... and the basic building block of society. . . What we sow in them today ... Snhsdh tomorrow.

Under this headline and story born of this school, and from this point of view was initially and over the long years of exile in the preparation. . . . Thousands of papers, dozens of works, and a lot of lectures and courses and target the creation of a new generation of children Aleppo, cubs dear homeland, Jill live century atheist century in all its dimensions and challenges of scientific and practical, humanitarian and economic, generation actor stands pause peer to his counterparts in the West, draws them and provides them, and have dialogue raises admiration. It has had enough of living on the remnants of Western civilization, and are fed up with the taste of bitterness in our throats and Snholha, God willing, the sweetness of victory and the flag was hard ... in light of our wise leadership.